• Stop the giveaways, special deals and loopholes for banks and corporations
  • Make Wall Street banks and millionaires pay their fair share in taxes
  • End City business with banks that won’t stop foreclosures, modify mortgages, and end practices that hurt public finances

By forcing banks to give back their subsidies and special deals, New York City could save hundreds of millions of dollars and instead use those funds to restore cuts to schools, firehouses, childcare, and seniors.

By demanding that banks stop the foreclosures, cut the fees, invest in green technology instead of climate disaster and war – we could have a stronger, fairer economy.

Mayor Bloomberg: we demand that no teacher is laid off, no schools or firehouses or senior centers are closed and no essential services cut until and unless the millionaires, billionaires and big banks pay their fair share.

Let’s save billions for the City budget by stopping the subsidies, tax giveaways and the interest-rate-swap rip-offs.

No cuts to the classroom and no cuts in essential City services including firehouses, senior centers, childcare, and disability and HIV/AIDS services.

Mayor Bloomberg must lobby Albany to extend the Millionaires Tax and the rent laws.

New York City should stop doing business with banks that won’t pitch-in to do their share on budget relief, stop foreclosures, provide fee relief to families, businesses and students, and replace investments in climate catastrophe and war with investments in clean green technology and local jobs.