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Why NY Lawmakers Are Marching Against Wall Street

By: Azi Paybarah, PolitickerNY




Here’s a 2-minute video featuring Councilwoman Tish James of Brooklyn and others explaining why they are rallying against Wall Street today and pushing the mayor to roll back service cuts he proposed in his budget. “It’s time that we march on Wall Street,” said James, who referred to them as “the people who were responsible for this recession.” Councilwoman Debi Rose said, “We are not going to allow the mayor to break the unions,” and “they are going to feel the wrath of working people in New York City.” Expected to march from City Hall to Wall Street today are Reverend Al Sharpton, Public Advocate Bil de Blasio, Comptroller John Liu, UFT President Michael Mulgrew and others. In the past, Mayor Bloomberg has criticized New York lawmakers who bash Wall Street, saying it’s hurtful and not the kind of treatment you’d expect to see. He equated it with the way Michigan lawmakers defend the auto industry, and Texas lawmakers defend the oil industry.